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A new Media/Entertainment production company began in the year of "new beginnings!"  Our motto is to create projects that will touch the "souls  of the world." We currently have two major projects.  AKWAABA:  The Awakening, a documentary film project that takes you the audience on a journey to Africa with the "trailblazers" from Los Angeles for their visit to Africa, The Motherland.   Our documentary feature has been selected for The Pan African Film Festival, The Women's International Film Festival, and the Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival, 2021.  We are humbled and thankful to God for the blessings! Our second project "Billie Holiday Front and Center", a one woman Theatrical Musical, that takes our audiences into the life and times of Billie Holiday, icon, legendary Jazz and Blues singer, was nominated for a highly acclaimed NAACP Theater Image Award in two categories:  Best One Person Show, and Best Musical Director. 




“In the center of the stage stands a mic placed upon an upright stand (the mic itself resembles a classic Shure 55SW model) with Billie/Sybil in the middle, and her jazz band team settled in the background that creates all of the music that really matters."

Ed Rampell Hollywood Progressive

“One of the most impressive numbers in the play is "Junk in My Veins", when Billie, alone in her cell, is illuminated only by moonlight.  The audience felt her pains and many were brought to tears.”

“Sybil D. Jatta in Billie Holiday Front and Center, not only sings every song beautifully and plays every character, but she also wrote the show!”

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