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Raul F. & Sybil D. Jatta

Executive Producers

Sybil D. Jatta is a native of Phoenix, Arizona.  A great talent and first born of 9 children 7 girls, 2 brothers, to Abbie McDonald and Peter Martin.  Her family is known globally as a "Family of Champions".  Her life changed forever since her visit to the Motherland meeting her soulmate.  Together she and her King Raul are living their dreams! She is a wife, mother, writer, producer, singer, songwriter, director, documentarian, and actress.  Together they give God all of the praise and the glory.  No limits! She is currently working on (3) new projects that will impact our world and people positively. 

BLACK Love Matters.

Raul F. Jatta is a native of The Gambia West Africa and the proud husband of  his Queen Sybil D. Jatta, together they are "Team Jatta". They met while Sybil was filming the documentary project AKWAABA: The Awakening. Raul is a fitness instructor, personal trainer, and entrepreneur. Raul believes that "by the Grace of God all things are possible."

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Anthony Wilkins


What can we say about this extraordinary award winning, musician, writer, producer, singer, songwriter.  Anthony Wilkins, owns his own company whereas he employs top leveled musicians throughout greater Los Angeles to serve the church music community.  A graduate of Crenshaw High School, under the guidance of Iris Stevenson.  Tony is a talented and highly favored man of God.  We were so blessed with his song and vocal arrangements, leadership, and excellence in musicianship. He continues to hone his craft and gifts on many major projects throughout greater Los Angeles and abroad.  He has lead in the capacity of Director of Music for several Mega Churches in Los Angeles.

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Betty Arnold,

Dawn Sutherland


Betty Arnold, is the Superstar who has managed each and every trip to the Motherland with the Trailblazers.  She tirelessly organizes each outing, meal plan,  and transportation with ease never missing a beat in exposing the group to life memory experiences.  She will continue in her capacity to lead and guide future Trailblazers to "The Motherland."  

Betty Arnold:  African Travel Consultant.


Dawn Sutherland traced her roots back to Kumasi Ghana and she is an Ashanti woman!  She packed up her things after retiring from Xerox corporation and moved to Ghana.  She created her own non-profit organization "Bridge to Africa".  She is graceful, energetic and making a difference in the lives of many African children in her community.  She  sponsors the Sunday Morning Girls, providing school supplies and opportunities for higher education. For more information contact:



Angela Colabella


Our amazing editor and God send to our project is the beautiful Angela Colabella a director, writer, storyteller, and editor, from the North Bay Area.  She earned her MFA from USC's  School of Cinematic Arts Film &Television Production Program.  She was also a recipient of The George Lucas Family Endowment Scholarship. Her voice and style are influenced be a variety of artistic mediums.  Her background in conceptual filmmaking has allowed her to cultivate a unique, distinguishable cinematic vision.  Angela's work exists within the realms of fictional storytelling, and documentary as they intersect with folklore, and nuanced representations of women of color for the screen. We are honored that she is a part of our team.  Contact: 

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